Individual membership

  • Reduced rates to the ECBA conferences held twice a year dedicated to criminal defence and the rights of EU citizens – save up to 300 Euros per year;  
  • Reduced rates to the EFCL conferences held once a year;
  • Join the Network of lawyers on the ECBA (and EFCL) website;
  • Access to practical legal information and information about up and coming proposals in the field of criminal justice;
  • A voice in Europe representing the rights of the suspect, defendant and accused persons – members will have opportunities to contribute to the debate in Europe;
  • Regular notifications on ECBA activities and working groups;
  • 15 % off an annual subscription to the New Journal of European Criminal Law, the leading international journal on European Criminal Law;
  • Information about up and coming events related to criminal justice in Europe;
  • Reduced membership fees for lawyers of under 5 years qualification;
  • Low annual membership fee: 
    • members with 5 year’s or more qualification: € 160 / £ 135 a year
    • members less than 5 year’s qualification and Academics (non-practising lawyers): € 85 / £ 73 a year  

 *The ECBA reserves the right to accept or decline applications for Individual membership at their own discretion 



Collective membership

The ECBA welcomes application for collective membership from bar associations, NGOs and other associations who share our aims and objectives.*

Advantages of collective membership:

  • The ECBA will provide you with information about up and coming proposals and events in the field of EU criminal justice which you can distribute to your membership – providing a service to your members at a minimal cost;
  • One appointed representative to have their contact details on the ECBA network of lawyers;
  • Regular notifications on ECBA activities and working groups which can be distributed amongst your members;
  • Involvement in discussions which impact on the implementation of EU proposals that will impact on your national legislation;
  • Through the ECBA, liaise effectively with other international and domestic lawyers groups including the EU institutions, the CCBE, judicial and prosecutor associations in the area of freedom, security and justice;
  • Opportunities to speak at and participate in ECBA conferences;
  • Option to have a link on the ECBA website to your organizations website.

*The ECBA reserves the right to accept or decline applications for Collective membership at their own discretion

For further information on collective membership or to make an application, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.