The European Criminal Bar Association (ECBA) is a leading group of independent criminal defence lawyers in the Council of Europe

The ECBA is pleased to present the Roadmap 2020. After the Directives following the Stockholm Programme of 2009 further procedural safeguards in criminal proceedings are not yet on the political agenda of EU institutions and politicians. 

But there is need for action due to obvious shortcomings in order to strengthen the legal principle of mutual recognition (cf. Art 82 TFEU). In the field of criminal law the mission to achieve and to rely on mutual trust is far from complete. Future EPPO proceedings need more common minimum standards in criminal proceedings as well.

Click here for the document on our ECBA Initiative 2017/2018 for an 'Agenda 2020: A new Roadmap on minimum standards of certain procedural safeguards'. The first page of the document gives you a short overview (A. Executive Summary). Since 2017 we have promoted this initiative (cf. Guest Editorial eucrim 2017/1) and many stakeholders in the field of criminal law at European level have already expressed their support for this initiative.