ECBA Autumn Conference 2008, Bratislava, Slovakia

3 and 4 October 2008

The fair trial principle under pressure: Between growing restrictions on legal aid and the "risk of coercion" to plea bargain?


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With loads of support given to the ECBA by the Slovak Bar Association, and foremost the President Stefan Detvai, who welcomed us at the Cocktail Reception, and its members Katarina Mareckova and Juraj Kolesar, who helped us organizing the conference, we were able to approach the East of Europe once more and find out that the major concerns of our profession are more or less the same all over the European Union and even beyond its momentary borders as we were able also to welcome colleagues from Croatia, Latvia and many more. The ever expanding size of our association made clear that the topic of the Bratislava conference “The fair trial principle under pressure: Between the growing restrictions on legal aid and the `risk of coercion` to plea bargain?” is a general concern of the European defender. 

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