ECBA Spring Conference, 20 and 21 April 2018, Oslo, Norway

Pre-Trial-Detention and Compensation – Current Issues and Minimum Standards


General information

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Oslo presented itself with very nice spring weather and much activity in the city centre. The venue where the conference was held, “Gamle festsal”, is the old auditorium in the University in Oslo. Friday evening, the conference was opened according to tradition with a reception in “Gamle logen”. 


Pre-trial detention - Issues and the Need of Minimum Standards throughout Europe 

  • Mykola Gnatovskyy, President of the CPT invited the participants to acquaint themselves with the substantive section of the CPT's 26th General Report, which deals with the issue of remand (pre-trial) detention. It can be downloaded here.
  • Paul Garlick QC, Legal Practitioner and Lecturer gave a power point presentation on the subject.  Please click here for the PDF version. 
  • Fair Trials has done a lot of work on this topic which might be useful: You can see a lot of the work at this section of their website - including a short film.  And you will find a 10 countries study of decision-making in Europe in 2016 by clicking here.

ECBA – update on the activities of the association

Panel on Compensation – Issues and the Need of Minimum Standards throughout Europe

Recent developments in National Jurisdictions with the topic: Plea Bargaining – Legal Concepts and Practices

Introduction by Jago Russell, Fair Trials, United Kingdom

The ECBA would like to thank the Norwegian Bar Association Criminal Bar Committee (Advokatforeningen) for its hospitality in hosting the ECBA Committee and the ECBA HR Meeting in their premises and for all its assistance in organising this conference.