ECBA Autumn Conference,  Nice, France,  5 and 6 October 2018.

Terrorism, Extradition and the European Arrest Warrant


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The conference started with a reception at Villa Masséna with welcome speeches by Martine Videau-Gilli, Vice President of the Bar Association of Nice and Philippe Pradal,1st Deputy Mayor of the City of Nice and President de commission of the Metropole Nice Cote d´Azur. On Saturday the first panel concentrated on the fight against terrorism and the protection of fundamental rights within this fight.  Read more...


The European instruments of the fight against terrorism - State of emergency - Fundamental Rights
Chair: Alexis Anagnostakis - Panel Discussion
Frederic Baab, Eurojust
Johan Eriksson, Sweden
Presentation by Nancy Hollander, USA
Nicolas Klausser, Phd Student, France
Jorgen Van Laer, Belgium

Problems of the Defence - Detention - UK’s situation after Brexit, ..
Chair: Hans van de Wal - Panel discussion 

Extradition in Serbia, Vladimir Hrle
Extradition in Czech Republic, Miroslav Krutina
Extradition in the United Kingdom, Rebecca Niblock
Extradition in Germany, Martin Rademacher
Extradition Procedure Review, Vladimir Hrle

European Arrest Warrant
Court of Justice Case law – Rights of Defence – List of crimes – Defence strategy
Chair: Vânia Costa Ramos - Panel discussion (bullet points to follow)

Procedural aspects of EAW cases in Portugal, Vânia Costa Ramos
Procedural aspects of EAW cases in Belgium, Emmanuelle Debouverie 
Procedural aspects of EAW cases in the United Kingdom, Ben Keith
Procedural aspects of EAW cases in France, Jean-François Pedinielli
Procedural aspects of EAW cases in Poland, Maria Radziejowska

Emergency Issues
Chair: Neil Swift
Report on the situation in Poland, Dominika Stępińska-Duch, Poland
Report on the situation in Turkey, Alexis Anagnostakis, Greece
Report on the arrest of a lawyer in Moldova, Thomas Garner, United Kingdom

The ECBA would like to thank the Barreau de Nice for its hospitality in hosting the ECBA Committee in their premises and for all its assistance in organising this conference.

The ECBA would also like to thank de Ville de Nice for hosting the  Friday reception at the Villa Masséna.