Seminars & Trainings

The training of defence lawyers with special regard to European criminal law has gained more and more importance over the years. This increasing importance of training defence lawyers in European criminal law is not only attributed to the growing number of measures concerning European instruments of mutual recognition and cooperation in criminal matters such as the EAW, the EIO, and the EPO, but also to the common application of these instruments, resulting in a rise in the number of cases where they are involved in the proceedings.

Additionally, as there is no full harmonisation of national legislation in the field of criminal and criminal procedure law, there is a rising number of cases that in themselves show the need for clarification in certain references to EU law.

The ECBA is a partner in a project coordinated by ERA (Academy for European Law), in Trier, which will comprise the following events:

Face-to-Face Seminars:


You can read more information on the events and how to register on the brochure here and on ERA’s dedicated website: